Pull Rod Set Cut to Fit Ø.109" w/#5-40 Thread

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  • Item #: RODSET-C2F-THRD-109-540

Set of 2 pull rods for any pedal steel guitar that use the Ø.109 rod with a rolled #5-40 threaded rod end.

These are made of Carbon Steel. 

This set contains 2 rods which are 16" or 32" long and are designed to replace or add any rod length needed. Just measure and cut with a pair of heavy duty wire cutters, file the end smooth, slip on the retaining clip, and bend a 90°.

Rods are Ø.106-.109" with #5-40 x 7/16" long rolled thead on one end.

Rods are not returnable once they have been cut.

NOTE: Spring Retaining Clip MUST be installed on rod BEFORE bending 90°!
          Spring Clips CANNOT be installed from threaded end as they will not pass over the
threaded portion of the rod.

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