Screw, Shoulder, Socket Head

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  • Item #: HDW-SHDS-3125-3750

Shoulder Screw used primarily on the Pre-1985 MSA's as a pivot for the Reversing Link and the Knee Lever Swivel Clamp which attach to the inside of the rear apron.

Some MSA's have a free position L-Bracket that attaches to the wood cabinet and serves as a mounting platform for the same items. This is the same application.

These are hardened and ground Ø5/16" x 3/8" long with a 1/4-20 thread. We have modified these by facing off the end of the thread to a length of 1/4" from the shoulder to the end of the thread. This prevents the threaded portion from bottoming out against the inside face of the cabinet/back plate, and forcing out of position.

Price is for 1 package of 2 modified shoulder screws.

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