Stop, Finger, MSA

Changer finger stop bar for MSA pedal steel guitars. These are OEM replacement components to fit both the E9th and C6th necks.

On a D10/D12 instrument the Type 1 stop fits the C6th neck and the Type 2 fits the E9th neck. The Type 2 has the holes an one end tapped for a #6-32 screw to secure it to the underside of the stop bar support bracket.

I have not verified the dimensions at this time but believe that the Type 2 stop bar (4 clearance holes) should fit the S10 instruments. Please verify the dimensions below to make sure if you have a S10.

Please let me know if the dimensions are different for the S10/S12 so that I may get the correct ones in stock.

OAL is 5.344"(5 11/32") and the distance between the mounting holes is 5.093"(5 3/32").

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